Japanese Pancake Dorayaki | Oreo Dorayaki Cake

Japanese Pancake Dorayaki | Oreo Dorayaki Cake

Dorayaki is a very famous street style pan cake of Japan. It a myth that this cake is named after Doraemon the cartoon character but its not like that. Dorayaki is a traditional Japanese cake which served with the sweet azuki bean paste. But later on this bean paste replaced by chocolate spreads and other options. Dora means a gong in Japanese. This cake look similar to gong that’s why it is called Dorayaki. Traditionally a gong used to fry these cake also. In this video i have replaced every traditional items with Oreo biscuit, eggs and milk with bit of a baking powder. So watch the video and enjoy.

Ingredients Required

  1. Oreo Biscuit
  2. Whipping Cream
  3. Egg
  4. Baking Powder

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