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सूरत की लाजवाब कोल्ड कोको रेसिपी | Cold Cocoa at home

सूरत की लाजवाब कोल्ड कोको रेसिपी | Cold Cocoa at home

This is one of the very famous recipe of Gujrat. This is a treat for all chocolate lovers. This is one of the best way to have chocolate in a liquid form. This recipe is very similar to Hot Chocolate but it served chilled. It can served with lots of crushed ice immediately after it prepared. Recipe for hot chocolate is also on my channel please check out this link https://youtu.be/-QFReUzTpx0

Ingredient Required

  1. Cocoa Powder
  2. Milk
  3. Corn-Flour
  4. Sugar
  5. Chocolate (Optional)
  6. Crushed Ice

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